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Xuzhou HCN Attachments Manufacture co., LTD (abreviatura: HCN Attachments) está localizado na zona de desenvolvimento econômico de Xuzhou, é uma subsidiária de engenharia equipamentos instalados com o Instituto. A empresa registrou is10 capital milhões, a fábrica ocupa uma área de 6600 metros quadrados. Há 108 empregados em nossa companhia, incluindo 25 membros técnicos engenharia. Nossa companhia passou a certificação do sistema de qualidade ISO9001 e certificação GOST russo. Em pesquisa de mer...
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Skid Steer Forest Mulcher For Sale


Forest mulcher newly blades, applied for the grass and shrubs cultivation; compact design for easy operation; equipped with a pressure gauge and oil cooling radiators to better protect the hydraulic system; removable blade knives with rapid replacement function.

Skid Steer Forest Mulcher For Sale  in working

These Forestry Mulchers, industrial hydraulic attachments are ideal for intensive brushcutting applications including land clearing, development and maintenance of transmission line and pipeline right-of-ways, and roadside maintenance.

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  • Skid steer loader attachments - Trencher
    Skid steer loader attachments - Trencher 2017-12-26

    Because of the complexity and variety of work in agricultural production, the cost of purchasing a variety of special machines is extremely high. If a machine can realize the functions of dozens of specialized machinery and equipment, the optimal cost of equipment purchase and maintenance will be realized. Trencher attachment is a kind of slippery attachments, through the hydraulic driving force of the skid steer loader to realize the soil cutting of the openwork attachment. Ditch depth and width adjustable, trenchering efficiency is artificial several times. Trenchers can excavate drains and lay relatively soft soils, such as pipes and cables. For larger soil can increase the amount of ditches and other ways to achieve digging operations.

  • Skid steer loaders feature, an eye-opener!
    Skid steer loaders feature, an eye-opener! 2017-12-19

    Skid steer loaders are famous for their versatile functions, and shifting trees is one of them. Tree spade machine hydraulic cylinder with the valve block driven, divided into three and four-valve type two. The main function is to dig the seedlings below 120 mm in diameter from one place to another and increase the efficiency by a factor of 10 relative to manual digging machines.Tree spade machine on both sides of the semicircle through the cylinder open so that the tree can enter the encirclement of the circle, in place after both sides of the semicircle closed, the tree bar is located in the middle of the four (three) blade. Tree spade machine affixed to the ground level pressure against the ground, leaving the front of the ground gravity as far as possible to focus on the tree spade machine. The benefit of doing so is to avoid that the resistance of the knife cut into the soil is so great that it can not be shoveled in place. Shovel can not cut more than one blade at the same time, nor can a knife cut directly in the end, so as not to shift the partial displacement of tree spade and seedlings. Under the shovel in accordance with a certain direction in order to cut one-third, divided into three laps in the end. If the soil is soft or perfect adjustment as appropriate. However, the tree spade machine is not a panacea, a large number of gravel hard soil recommended careful operation, to avoid damage to tree spade machines.

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